• Geometry

    Welcome Parents and students
    This is a highly rigorous class. 
    This class will test your student's knowledge of the material, and apply algebra solving steps.  Students will be expected to retain information and correctly apply it again and again.
    Some basic information for you to know to help learn:
    The text book we use is also available on-line.
    At this moment, I can only lead you to the free on-line book.  By the end of the first week of school, I am hoping to be able to give each student their access code.  That will allow the other features this book has to be activated for your student.  These are all free to you.  (The hardcover book it self, should stay home.  We have and will use the Workbooks in class for notes.) 
    The key to success this year will lie in the 3x5 index cards of the vocabulary we go over.  There is time for us to display them, and talk about them.  Students are always welcome to come in outside of class time to take a picture of the cards.  Students who forget to bring blank index cards, should write down the vocabulary on a standard piece of paper, but make sure to transfer that information on to the index cards.  The index cards will be collected at the end of the Chapter and given points for them.  There is no credit for incorrect, incomplete, or sheets of paper. (The idea is your students should be studying the cards, 5-10 minutes daily as needed.  Reshuffle the cards to study again, and focusing on the cards that he/she struggles with.)
    Students are more than welcome to come in on opposite-days (as well as the same day)and ask for additional help.
    My Office hours
    Mon-Fri  7:30-8:10 and  Lunch

    Please sign up for the "Reminder" for the class
    Phone number:  81010   or   925.203.9050






    remember to put the @ symbol in the text too. 
    Please feel free to email me any questions and concerns immediately so we can make this a fun and productive school year for your student.