CSF Announcements:

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!
    Welcome all Honor Roll Recipients! You may apply now to CSF. Applications are due Friday, May 3rd, 2019.
    Please remember ALL students must RE-APPLY every semester. A member list will be posted after the deadline. Applications are available in N-18 and in the Career Center. They may be turned in to Mrs. Cocksedge in N-18.
    All members are asked to pay a $5 donation each semester. This is not required for membership, but we are completely dependent on our members, and without the donations, we would be unable to give out scholarships! Members receive membership cards after paying their $5 donation.  
    Seniors who qualify for Life or 100% Membership will be eligible for Honor Cords. The Honor Cords cost $10.
    The New Club Shirts are Here! Get Yours Now! Only $15!Checks are payable to Liberty High School.
    a photo of a white shirt that reads liberty high school in red letters  
    Spirit Shirts for Sale! Only $15! Come to N-18 to buy a shirt. Checks are payable to Liberty High School.
    Shirt Photo
    CSF memorabilia is also available for sale, come to N-18 for more info.