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    Mr. Cook

    Room C107

    The study of English and literature provides students with the opportunity to strengthen their communication skills. The strengthening of students' communication skills will help students not only in their academics, but in many other areas of their lives as well. Students will explore the intricacies of the English language through the various mediums of reading, writing, and oral communication. Their hard work will materialize in the completion of essays, letters, projects, speeches, quizzes, and tests. Mr. Cook’s classroom will be a professional environment where fruitful academic conversation, thinking, and writing will occur. The classroom will be a safe place where diverse ideas are celebrated rather than hindered. The classroom will become a community of learners who can count on each other as if they were teammates or family. Students will be challenged, will grow, and will be motivated. Ultimately, students will grow into thoughtful, intelligent members of the community.

    Students will develop their public speaking skills, as they will be engaging in formal and informal presentations, and discussions frequently. Students may look forward to being exposed to a variety of literature including, but not limited to: letters, short stories, articles, essays, novels, poetry, and plays. Note: There is a direct correlation between attendance and grades. If students do not attend class they are in a situation where failure is more common. Conversely, attending with regularity and punctuality increases the students’ opportunities for success.

    Procedures for a positive, fun, and successful environment:
    Students will be on time ready to learn, and have their minds focused on their English class.
    Students will raise their hand to express their concerns, ideas and questions.
    Students will keep a positive fun attitude, and leave the negative inappropriate attitude hidden somewhere far, far, far, away.
    Students will respect themselves, classmates and teacher. Not only will everyone “treat others the way they wish to be treated,” but they will treat the classroom and its contents with respect as well.
    Students will keep their cell phones turned off, not on vibrate or on silent.

    Consequences for failure to follow procedures:

    Excessive tardiness, which is any tardy beyond the third tardy, will receive detention.
    When school rules are broken, the student will be 1) warned orally. 2) be deferred to discipline office and call home will be made. 3) Continued discipline issues may result in a parent conference, behavior contract and possible drop/fail from the class.
    Students who deface the classroom or its contents will immediately clean the area and then help clean the room during the next lunch period.
    First infraction of cell phone policy results in public warning, which serves as a warning for the whole class. Second infraction, by any class member, phone is confiscated and sent to the discipline office where the student can pick it up after school.
    3 ring binder with section for our class.
    White college ruled paper to be kept neat and clean. We will be writing everyday, so do not run out of paper.
    When turning in work label it according to the title of the assignment. Work without a name or title will not be graded.
    Pens. All work must be submitted with black or blue pens, or typed.

    Homework-Student’s homework will generally involve one or more of these areas.

    • Reading a selection from the text.
    • Preparing for a précis write or essay.
    • Creating or reviewing study tools.
    • Working on a grammar exercise.
    • Creating a piece of literature.

    Absent Work, Late Work, Extra Credit- Absent work is the responsibility of the student. If students know they will be absent e-mail the instructor for the work before or during the absence. If students do not e-mail the instructor before or during the absence then students need to contact other students in class via contact sheet. Students are to help each other if they are not in communication with the instructor. Absent work is to be completed by the next class date, or in a reasonable period, at least by the end of the week. If the work is not turned in by those parameters of time and procedure, then the work will not be accepted and the student will receive a zero. If an item is a blank space in the grade book students need to do the assignment and submit it, if the score shows a '0' then the score is a '0'. Students know when they turn in items and when they do not turn in items, there is no need for them to wait to see that reflected in the grade book. Late Work and Extra Credit do not exist.


    Academic Grade-100% of the academic grade is the following work that demonstrates mastery of the Standards:

    ST 1: Demonstrate mastery by learning and using academic vocabulary in written work and by using word attack skills to gain understanding of new words encountered.

    ST 2: Demonstrate mastery by creating study tools for informational text selections that reflect critical thought and comprehension of the ideas or features in the selection.

    ST 3: Demonstrate mastery by creating study tools for literary text selections that reflect critical thought and comprehension of the ideas or features in the selection.

    ST 4 - 5: Demonstrate mastery by writing coherent and focused texts that convey a reasoned argument using narration, exposition, persuasion, and/or description.

    ST 6: Demonstrate understanding of grammar and sentence structure through exercises. Demonstrate mastery of spelling, usage, diction, structure, and form in writing.

    ST 7 - 8: Demonstrate mastery by delivering coherent and focused presentations that convey solid reasoning using narration, exposition, persuasion, and/or description.

    Citizenship Grade-Students begin the year with an ‘A’. 100% of the citizenship grade is based on the students’ ability to maintain the following standards:

    • Respect All - Students speak, listen, and act respectfully to all members of the classroom.
    • Work Hard - Students work from bell-to-bell and do their neatest and best work at all times.
    • Be Prepared - Students arrive with all supplies, required materials, and finished homework.

    Note: When students fail to maintain the citizenship standards, deductions from their grade will be made.

    Grading- Students' grades grow and decline from day one of the semester until the last day of the semester. Grades will not stop or start over new at any point in the semester. Quarter grades will not be averaged, quarter one will simply continue into quarter 2. At the end of quarter 2, the quarter 2 grade will be the same as the semester grade. Final consists of two parts: Part one is graded and added to total score for class. Part 2= Mandatory Extra Credit. It cannot bring any grade down, it can only bring it up. Grades of 59%, 69%, 79%, 89% are considered on the bubble. Part 2 of the final decides whether those grades on the bubble get bumped up or not. A grade of a 89% needs to score 90% or higher on part 2 to get bumped up, and a grade of a 79% needs to score a 80% or higher in order to get bumped up- and so on.


    • A+=100-98, A=97-94, A- =93-90
    • B+=89-87, B=86-84, B- =83-80
    • C+=79-78, C=77-75, C- =74-70
    • D+=69-68, D=67-65, D- =64-60
    • F=59-below

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    I have read and understand the syllabus for Mr. Cook’s English class.

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