• The Rugby World Cup 7s tournament was played in San Francisco at AT&T Park in June 2018. It was estimated over 100,000 people in and around the park watched New Zealand play England in the men's championship game. That is on par with the most people to attend a Super Bowl at slightly over 103,000 in 1980 at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

    • 25% of the graduating senior women who played in the 2018 Rugby NorCal High School Girls Kick-Off Tournamant in January 2018 received college scholarships. 

    • Our women's team is the 2018 D2 Rugby NorCal Champions; every player on the team had never played a sport before... ever. Colleges following our athletes include: Central Washington University, Saint Mary's College, UC Berkeley, Bowdoin, Brown, and Lindenwood. Our alumni are currently playing rugby at San Francisco State, Diablo Gaels, Jesters, UC Santa Barbara, CSU Long Beach. 

    • Saint Mary's College in Moraga, Califormia have the 2017 D1-A Men's National Champions, and were ranked #1 in the national at the end of the 2018 season with a win over Cal State Golden Bears.

    • There are 730 colleges and universities (not including military academies) in the USA with men’s and women’s rugby teams[1][1] http://www.usarugby.org/college-directory/

    • Rugby is more competitive for scholarships than other sports.

      • Football has a 43 to 1 player to available scholarship ratio.

      • Baseball has a 60 to 1 player to available scholarship ratio.

      • Basketball has a 57 to 1 for boys & 43 to 1 for women player to available scholarship ratio.

      • RUGBY has a 9 to 1 ratio for women & 16 to 1 ratio for men.

    • Rugby is a sport enjoyed in 120 countries around the world played by approximately five million athletes[1]. In 2015, rugby participation increased 14 percent in the United States to approximately 1.2 million participants[2] putting it on par with football with 1.12 million participants[3][1] Player Numbers. World Rugby. 2016. [2] Giles, Justin. Rugby Continues to be America’s Fastest Growing Sport. March 26, 2015. [3] Chances of Getting a Scholarship. 

    • A rugby player will run between 3.97 and 4.3 miles per game depending on the player’s position[1]. This level of aerobic activity surpasses basketball at 2.55 miles per game[2], tennis at three miles[3], 3.69 miles for one round of 18-holes of golf[4], and 1.25 miles for football[5] — all of which are offered at Liberty High School. Rugby is a total body sport; meaning players must have great strength, speed, power, and agility. [1] McCann, Colin. “How Many Kilometers does a Rugby Union Player Run in a full Match?” [2]Fox, Kit. “The Distance Run per Game in Various Sports.” June 29, 2016. [3] Ibid. [4] Henderson, William. How far is walking 18 holes? 2016. [5] Fox, Kit. “The Distance Run per Game in Various Sports.” June 29, 2016.

     Force of a Rugby Tackle      The average rugby player runs 15 mph, with some up to 22 mph.                                                   Lifting a 118kg player 22 times in a match is the equivalent of lifting TWO London cabs at once.  









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