Academic Honesty for Distance Learning

Student Contract

Dear Liberty Students, we are continuing into uncharted territory of Distance Learning for the 20-21 school year. It continues to be important for you to hold yourself accountable to the greatest of expectations for your own learning. Please remember that as soon as you share your work with anyone, this work is no longer yours individually. As soon as you borrow any thinking from the Internet, you must cite this source. If you use help from an outside source, you must provide source information. If you are trying to help a peer, please do one of the following: (1) discuss the directions, (2) help each other stay on track with deadlines. The district will be utilizing Turn It In which is designed to plagiarism. Below you will find the exact language from the LHS Student Handbook; it explains the consequences of plagiarized work. Please read the following Academic Policy information.

Academic Honesty Policy:

  • Plagiarism is defined as the act of representing the work of another as one’s own regardless of how that work was obtained and submitting it to fulfill academic requirements. Academic honesty is extremely important.  The teachers and administration will follow the policy outlined below when dealing with those students who are involved in cheating or plagiarism on tests or class assignments. 


    The offenses accumulate over the entire four years a student is at Liberty High School. The following procedures will be followed:   


    • First Offense: Teacher will notify parents and counselor.  2. Teacher may fail the student on the assignment.  3. Referral to an administrator for documentation and counseling.   


    • Second Offense: In addition to the consequences outlined in First Offense, the following may occur:  Restorative Justice Project Zero on assignment.   


    • Third Offense: In addition to the consequences outlined in First Offense, the following may occur:  Referral to an administrator for on campus suspension, Restorative Justice Project, and Parent/Teacher Conference.  


    Liberty High School, Student Handbook