• Week Six Distance learning 5/11-5/15


    Crearte an illustrated Public Art quote artwork/poster:


    Step One:

    Quote or message you would like the class of 2020 to be inspired by.


    Step Two:

    Choose your medium.  Since this is a public art project you can either make this into a poster (in color in any medium like paint, color pencil, or ink) OR make a chalk art (if you have access to chalk).


    Step Three:

    Compose your inspirational poster or chalk drawing:

    1.  Composition must be in color.

    2.  Must have an inspirational quote.

    3.  Must have an image or images that relate to the quote (cannot be just text).

    *. For both options make sure you have permission to draw the chalk art or hang the poster somewhere in your neighborhood or out in the public.  If you cannot go out out in your neighborhood or town, make the creation in your driveway or hang it outside your own house.


    Step Four:

    Take a picture of your completed project with no persons in the photo and send it to edwardsj@luhsd.net

    In subject put your first, last name, and period.




Degrees and Certifications: