• Edwards Distance Learing Week five 5/4-5/8


    Recycle into Sculpting



    Is to use recycle items to create some type of object that has a meaning in your life during these hard times.


    Task one:

    Figure out an object you want to build.  It can be a shoe, dog, flower, cat, human, fish, etc,.    This object needs to be something of importance to you during these hard times.  


    Task Two:

    Start scaviging for items around the house, neighborhood, garbage can, etc, to build you sculpture.  When sculpting you need to incorporate minimum of 10 different items.


    Task Three:

    Start building your sculpture.  Things that may help you are different tapes, glues, and scissors.  Google recycled sculptures and also check out our class Instagram l6edwards to get ideas.


    Task Four:


    One pic of your sculpture in progress and one finished.

    A short explanation of why your object is important to you during these times

    In the subject area put you first and last name and period.









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