• Edwards Distance learning April 20-24


    Designing a Face mask with a message.


    You will make and design a face mask with a message.  Your message can be about safety, your personality, animals, superhero, etc., as long as you can explain a message though your mask.


    Task One:

    Do some research on how to build a mask.  Google how to build a face mask, check out You Tube, and Instagram as well.  Make sure to do different searches with your words.  Creative covid mask, creative face mask, etc.  Look how people have decorated them.  I have also put examples on my class instagram at L6edwards.   


    Task Two:

    With an idea how to build it start building your mask.  Things you may look around to help you build a mask are:

    Glue, Tape, Duck tape, old shirts, rags, rubber bands, hair ties, hot glue, scissors. etc.  


    Task Three:

    Once you have built your mask you need to make it unique.  You may use markers, paints, additional cloth, etc.  Ooo don't forget paper mache' flower and water. This is where you will tell your story.  Make sure you write me a short explanation of your message that you are portraying though your mask.


    Task Four:

    Send me your name and period to edwardsj@luhsd.net

    One pic of your mask being built.

    One pic of your mask finished.