Distance learning all classes week two 4/13-4/17

  • Edwards Distance learning April 13-17 

    Paper Model: Sugar & Creamer Containers 



    You will create a paper model of a sugar and creamer set that includes surface decoration (drawn on design or sculpt*). 


    Not because I’m the teacher... creating models before the production of any piece allows you to test your creation quickly and cheaply before going into production. In our case, before you would create it out of clay. This gives you a chance to evaluate your design and test how everything fits together. 


    A sugar and creamer set is typically presented alongside a tea set (teapot and cups) or given when you offer someone coffee who stopped by to visit you (side note – if you want someone who stopped by to visit to leave your house, offering them coffee is a polite way of saying the evening is over, lets wrap it up). 




    1. Scissors 
    1. Glue or tape is ideal, but you can get around not having either 
    1. Something to draw with or create a relief with (string, yarn, beads, etc.) 


    1. Watch YouTube video: Using Templates to Make a Cream & Sugar Set – Liz Zlot Summerfield
      a. Watch at least the first 5 min. She will walk you through her process for creating her

    template. By watching the entire video, you will see how everything comes together. 


    1. Create a template for a sugar and creamer container. 
    1. Construct your sugar and creamer container out of paper / cardboard (such as a cereal box). 
    1. Treat a sheet of paper like a slab of clay. You will cut out your design and adhere the pieces together.
    2. i. No glue or tape? You can design your piece to include tabs and slots.
    3. Add a design to the outside of your containers






    You will have to come up with a spout on your own. In addition, if you want to break away from the template above and come up with your template you can.  

    Need to email me:       One pic or your work in progress and one pic                                                                  showing the two containers completed. 




    Craftmanship 15pts  Are they put together well and look like a sugar and creamer container? 

    Creativeness 10pts. Does it have any special design work on it, glitar, string, aluminum, etc.  Customize your work make it unique! 


    Make sure to send me your pics or your containers to my email with your name and period to edwardsj@luhsd.net 

    Don’t forget to check out my Instagram at l6edwards.  I have been posting art we have done this year and Distance learning projects.