• Distance Learning for Living Earth

     To get to the Zoom meetings for class for the first two weeks of school, use the links in Canvas:

    Period 6=9:50-10:50

    Period 7= 11:10-12:10

    Period 8= 12:5- 1:50



    For the Tutorial period, the zoom link on canvas will allow you to join during the time between 2:00-3:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the month of August.  This is optional time for students who need help, have questions or concerns, or need to make up an assignment.  It is recommended to attend when you have been absent, but you are welcome any time. 



    The Canvas page will have all the assignments and other things for our Living Earth classes. Until Canvas is available, I'll put what students need for assignments here.  The blue highlighted words are links to the items described: 

    August 13: Intro to Ecology notes page (goes with Intro to Ecology presentation).  

    Here you will find some other resources you may need to access for the course.  


    1. You will need to be able to log into the Living Earth text book online. Hmh LE book login instructions

    How to log into the online book and find assignments

    Clever (online access to text, etc.): www.clever.com


    2. The course description/ syllabus can be found here: Course description 2020/2021

    3. A grading rubric for  Claim, evidence, reasoning assignments is here: ClEveR rubric 

    4. A grading rubric for graphs of data are found here: Graphing Rubric   

    5. A slide show on making scientific drawing is here: introduction to scientific drawing