• Geometry Support

    Welcome Parents and students

    I know that this is a very trying time for all of us and lots of things are up in the air.  Fortunately, your Math education isn't one of those things.   The good news is … the Support class is already structured for that.  clap

    Back To School  

     **WarmUps will now be done to help prepare/review material needed for Geomery (40% of grade)
    Students will recieve credit for work completedPlease create a (free) Quizlet account.  (link TBA)
    We will use an online program called Aleks each week …
    **Cover 6 TOPICS ….max out with 8 (still 40% of the grade)
    Knowledge Checks still giving a student 3 topics once completed. 
    Students that can get their topics done faster, do not need to stay logged in.
    **Geometry HW will still count… (still 20% of the grade)
    based on Assignment as reported by your Geometry Teacher.I will pull those in at the end of the Chapter


    If you need any help at all, please email me.  I miss you all and will give you all the help I can.  We WILL get through this.

    My Office hours
    Please sign up for the "Reminder" for the class
    Phone number:  81010   or   925.203.9050





    Please sign up for the FREE "Quizlet" class (accessable via computer or phone)
    provided by the teacher
    Please feel free to text/email me any questions and concerns immediately