• Weclome to Academic Reading EACH week you wil be given the reading page with vocabulary attached with the week and due see the assignments labeled "Distance Learning Assingments" to the right. In addition please log onto Read 180 through Clever for a total of 45 minutes a week if you are able to access it. My goal is to keep this class just as it was before we went away on break and now are on distance learning so it will be the same each with just new words and new vocabuarly. Looking forward to it with each of you! 


    Week 3 Reading 

     Week 4 (printable) Ms. Lynn Reading out loud Week 4 Read Out Loud and Quiz Read Out Loud

     WEEK 5 READING (printable) Ms Lynn Reading outloud  Week 5 Read Out Loud

    WEEK 6 READING (printable) Ms Lynn Reading out loud Week 6 Reading  Week 6 Quiz Read outloud

     WEEK 7 READING (printable)

     WEEK 8 READING (printable)

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