• AP Physics C Distance Learning

    Week of May 26:

    WAFFLE DAY - 1 pm on Tuesday, May 26; check your email!

    If you have already created an account on blackboard (see week May 18), sign in at www.mrskroner.com and answer Discussion Questions 3 and 4 and respond to two other people (if you are the first, you will need to come back and respond to someone).

    Week of May 18:

    Use this week to study for your AP exams in other classes and to catch up on any missing work from 3rd or 4th quarter. There is a backup email to submit your answers in case you have issues with the upload (see the collegeboard website for more details...and your teachers will be able to provide this info, as well).

    Extra Credit:

    • Click here and enroll in the AP Physics C platform
    • Complete the two discussion questions posted in the content area (when you first get into the course)
    • Respond to tow other people for each of those discussion questions

    Virtual Waffle Day is May 26.

    Week of May 11:

    AP Exam Monday, May 11 at 9 am. Be ready to login at 8:30.

    If you are not taking the AP exam, you will use this week to study for other AP Exams you are taking or catch up on any missed work.

    Week of May 4:

    This week, you are finishing out rotational motion...those are the 3 videos for the log for this week. There are two practice exams that will occur this week. The next live one is Wednesday, and that is located right below the other videos for this week, including the review which will be live broadcast Thursday. If you miss the live broadcasts, they should be posting the recording within a few hours of the broadcast.

    Log this week

    Video list this week

    Next week is the exam....for those taking the exam, the videos below are recommended.

    Practice Exam #1 
    Practice #1 Review (live May 5 at 8 am)
    Practice Exam #2 (live May 6 at 8 am)
    Practice #2 Review (live May 7 at 8 am)
    Final Tips and Tricks (live May 8 at 8 am)

    Week of April 27:

    Note: This week, we are jumping from review into new material (Rotational Motion) to make sure you have the material for the exam. You will notice that one of the videos is going LIVE on Tuesday, April 28 at 8 am, so if you wanted to get a jump on all videos on Monday, that one will delay you from being completed. I have attached an example problem below that we will review on Wednesday during our zoom meeting, however, if you cannot make it, I will also record it for your review (separate from the meeting)

    This week's Log File  (and the example problem we will review on Wednesday is here)

    Click here for the Video list

    Please work on getting all logs uploaded to OneDrive this week. Let me know if you have any issues and we can resolve them quickly. Directions to do this from your phone are listed below in week 3 (Aprile 20)

    If you would like to get a jump start on reviewing more on your own time, I highly recommend flipping physics, as it goes over many topics quicker than Khan Academy or the college board. That playlist can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPyapQSxH6mb0S-Mr97pCB_LF2rZbyZ8L

    Week of April 20

    This week's Log File

    Click here for the Video list

    Directions to upload to Onedrive (let me know if you don't see the shared folder)

    I will be sending out a class message by Tuesday morning. Check groupchat for Wednesday info...

    This Friday and next Monday are school holidays. I would recommend either getting caught up with any work you are behind on or beginning more intensive review for AP exams. I highly recommend the flipping physics videos listed in the review section.

    Week of April 13

    This week's Log file

    This weeks video list (also hyperlinked in the log file if accessed electronically)

    We will be starting to turn in the logs via OneDrive starting this Friday, so hold onto your sheets an I will place directions HERE for how to do that (I need to share out the folder with you and create the directions)

    Week of April 6

    We will spend our time prior to AP testing doing review work. I realize we have not yet done the rotational motion chapter, but the information that will be covered in the review will be sufficient to get you prepared for the exam. Because the videos last approximately 50 minutes, I don't want to assign you more than taking notes and watching the videos. There is a log that you will complete to make sure you stay on task, and to let you know which review ones to watch. You will find the playlist for AP Physics C here. We will spend our Zoom time going over any example problems and FRQs.

    Test format: 45 minutes... Q1 = 20 min + 5 min upload time, Q2 = 15 min + 5 min upload time; date of Exam May 11

    To Do:

    Print or electronically complete the Class Tracker and get your coursework organized on Monday. (I don't need to collect or see this - you need this for organization)

    Print or electronically complete Weekly Assignment Tracker so you can plan out your week. If you have a planner that you like to use that is better than this sheet, please use it instead. The idea is to spend the first part of every Monday getting your week organized and setting daily goals of what you want to accomplish.

    Turn in your Log Sheet by Sunday You can do this via text, or you can download the OneDrive app on your phone, sign in (username: studentID@luhsd.net and pw is the one you use at school) and go to shared folders. There will be a shared folder for AP Physics C with a folder for each week's log.

    Write down any quesitons you have... we will address those during our zoom meetings. Meeting invites will be sent via email and snapchat.

    Zoom Meetings: Tuesdays at 12:30 and Fridays (optional) at 2 pm


Last Modified on May 25, 2020