• AP Physics 1 Distance Learning

    Week of May 26:

    WAFFLE DAY - 1 pm on Tuesday, May 26; check your email!

    If you have already created an account on blackboard (see week May 18), sign in at www.mrskroner.com and answer Discussion Questions 3 and 4 and respond to two other people (if you are the first, you will need to come back and respond to someone).

    Week of May 18:

    Use this week to study for your AP exams in other classes and to catch up on any missing work from 3rd or 4th quarter. There is a backup email to submit your answers in case you have issues with the upload (see the collegeboard website for more details...and your teachers will be able to provide this info, as well).

    Extra credit assignment:

    • Click here and enroll in the AP Physics 1 platform
    • Complete the two discussion questions posted in the content area (when you first get into the course)
    • Respond to two other people for each of those discussion questions

    Virtual Waffle Day is Tuesday, May 26

    Week of May 11:

    AP Exam Thursday, May 14 at 1 pm. Be ready and login at 12:30

    If you are not taking the AP exam, you will use this week to study for other AP Exams you are taking or catch up on any missed work.

    Week of May 4:

    Directions this week

    Agenda this week (no log to turn in)

    Video links for Practice Exams

    This week, you will be reviewing your studyguide and taking the Rotational Motion assessment. The studyguide results will be provided Monday evening (I have a few who still need to submit their studyguide - please do so Monday morning at the link below in week of April 27). Review anything you need, we will have our regular zoom meetings on Thursday, and your exam will be posted Thursday after 4 pm and will be due Saturday by midnight.

    Final Tips and Tricks (live at 9 am May 8)

    Week of April 27:

    Log to Complete  The Review for Rotational Motion mentioned in the log is linked here.

    Submit Studyguide here

    Videos and Notes (notice that we have switched to flipping physics for old exam question review. The College Board also has these revies questions, however, these are done well in 1/3 of the time.)
    For the AP exam questions, start the video and pause it in order to work through some of the problem yourself before watching the solution.

    Question of the week - we will go over this on Thursday office hours. If you cannot make it, I will post a link to the solution Thursday afternoon for your review.

    Do your best this week to upload your log to OneDrive shared folder. Directions are here, and let me know if you can't see the folder and I can reshare.

    Week of April 20:

    Log to Complete

    Click here for the videos and notes

    I will be filming a message for you Monday afternoon; At that time, I will share out an additional problem that we can go over on Thursday.

    Also - please note that this Friday and next Monday are considered spring break. It's a great time to get caught up with any work you have been putting off. :-)

    Week of April 13: 

    This week, we are shifting away from Study_dot_com to start looking at the videos on the College Board site. They are high quality instruction and will help everyone learn the new material, as well as review for the exam (for those who are taking it). 

    Log (print this add your notes and have signed)

    Click here for the videos for this week.

    Directions: there are notes listed above each video, so it is optional if you would like to print those to help you with notes. You will need to print the one-page log and write something about each video and have parents sign. This will then be turned in at the end of the week (before next Monday) by uploading to OneDrive. I will post directions here once I have shared out the folder with all classes. The Zoom schedule below stays (I will send a link the night before via email and groupchat) and open office hours on Friday at 10. As always, if you have any questions, please don't feel like you need to wait until Thursday to ask.

    The notes you take will be what you will want to use for your take-home final for the semester.

    Week of April 6:

    I will have open office Hours Friday, 10 to 11 am on Zoom. I will send the link for the office hours to your email, so please make sure that your email that you use to login to the student portal is accurate. Will also cc your parents in case you don't get it. I will also have office hours (Zoom) on Thursdays for every sections (smaller groups so we can get a chance to check in)

    Period 1: 9 am Thursdays
    Period 2: 10:30 am Thursdays
    Period 5: noon on Thursdays
    Period 6: 1:30 pm on Thursdays
    Period 8: 3 pm on Thursdays
    Open Office Hours: Fridays at 10 am

    I am also sending the link to join Study.com. At some point, please let me know if you have chosen to cancel your AP Exam. 

    To do:

    Download zoom on your phone (you do not need an account to join one)
    Us the link I send via email/groupchat to join study.com (it is a FREE account for you...so don't click to upgrade anything)
    Follow all directions in email  sent earlier (Part 1 email)

    I will also post review materials for the AP Exam in a separate section.

    The folder containing the directions for the first assingment (getting into study.com) can be found here.

      Lesson To Print: To Do: By:

    Using the link to study.com, create an account (directions sent via email)

    Download Zoom app on your phone.

    Nothing By creating the account, I will be able to see you in class.


    Turn in here

    2 Rotational Kinematics: Definitions and Equations Worksheet Quiz (5 Q in lesson) online; click on QUIZ tab in the lesson 4/10/2020
    3 Rotational Inertia Worksheet Quiz   4/11/2020
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