• Sub Plans - October 21, 2019

    AP Physics 1: (period 5, 6, 8)

    Watch the video to go over Free Body Diagrams

    Get into groups and work on the initial Free Body Diagram Sheet  (10 minutes to complete)

    Go do the problems by group on the doc camera (change source on remote to "computer") make sure you have the correct answers (with sub or TA)

    Turn source on remote to HDMI 1

    Watch the video on steps to solving Free Body Diagrams

    Now take that knowledge and work toward finding the net or missing forces on the problems.

    If time, please show those up on the doc camera to ensure everyone has the correct answer; sub/TA have the answers

    Turn in both sheets to the bin for your class.

    **Note to sub: students have full access to text/snap me during class if they have additional questions. Likewise each group should send the problem they did on the doc camera to the groupchat so I can keep track of their progress.


    AP Physics C: Period 7

    Review of Projectile Motion (if needed)

    Watch the video for an example problem with uneven start/end points (slightly entertaining)

    Divide into teams of 2 or 3. Select 1 problem from the Free Response sheet to complete - all problems must be taken once before another group can do the same. Once completed, send your solution to me in a created groupchat for just your group, and I will verify your answer before you put it on the board. Add a pic to the class groupchat when done going over it in class.

    Quiz on Wednesday on uneven surface projectile motion problem (like the video above)

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