Distinguished School

    Name: Haley Sergent

    Classroom Number: ET-101, ET-108

    Email Address: sergenth@luhsd.net

    Subjects: Intermediate Art, Ceramics 1

     Week 5/18-5/23
    AP 3D: Check Emails for Assignment
    Intermediate Art: IA Week 7 5/18-5/23
        starry totoro  

    Distance Learning Info (Due to COVID 19)

    Students will be given a set of assignment/agenda for each week in the quarter. Assignments can be found on the right hand and by clicking on the given course. All assignments will be due on Sunday before midnight. Work will be submitted through Turnitin.com Make sure you submit to the correct course.

     Online resources

    • Turnitin.com: each classcode and passcode is in the first assignment of the class. Periods 3 and 4 Ceramics only use Snover-Allen Classcode and Password in the assignment page 
    • Zoom https://zoom.us  Optional Q&A time and help is available by scheduling only.