If you miss class, you must come to me and check in to receive more detailed information as well as handouts/notes missed.  Please make sure that you come back to class ready to have this conversation,

    "Hello, Mrs. Jewell.  I missed class on (insert date).  I checked with my classmate (insert name).  I have already received and copied the notes, but my friend told me that I need the following handouts: (insert name of handout/s).  Is this a good time to get caught up?  If not, when can we meet?"  

    Week 1: July 29-August 3 (A Week)

    Monday, July 29, 2019

    1. Roll and Seating Chart 

    2. Syllabus: Provided (review and discuss next class)

    3. Name Card/Info Card

    4. First Assignment: Email, REMIND, Minga

    5. Group Activity: Survival

    • Homework:   
    1. Send email,
    2. Join REMIND
    3. Join MINGA
    4. Get your supplies. Due Friday
    5. Syllabus signature due Friday, August 3