• Students -- 

    You will find your individual class listed to the right.  I have provided very basic information here about what happens in class, what has been collected, and what new handouts have been distributed.  Please know that you need to come to my class to get caught up with me. If you find that this is not updated, EMAIL ME if you are not at school. If you are at school, come to T-12.  

    If you miss class, you must come to me and check in to receive more detailed information as well as handouts/notes missed.  Please make sure that you come back to class ready to have this conversation,

    "Hello, Mrs. Jewell.  I missed class on (insert date).  I checked with my classmate (insert name).  I have already received and copied the notes, but my friend told me that I need the following handouts: (insert name of handout/s).  Is this a good time to get caught up?  If not, when can we meet?"   

    I am in my classroom every day at lunch and after school until at least 3:30pm.

    Mrs. Jewell