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    Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org/join


    Period 1/5:   8F4V64YW

    Period 3:       T4K9DKER             

    Period 4:       ZNFADUTN

    Period 7:       26FJSCHB 

    Period 8:       QBT7ATUX 



    Period 3:    Z44WZPEZ            

    Period 4:    YTVEYWNX

    Period 7:    2T3CUH6D

    Period 8:    6FA453WQ


    After you join our class, your assignments and their due dates will show up on your Khan Academy homepage. 

    You will be given credit by completing the videos and assignments. I will be able to see if you have watched the videos, and how many questions you got correct. It is okay if you do not get all of them correct. Just like any homework assignment try your best!

    If you need any help at all please message me on Remind or email me. I will support you the best I can. I miss you all. We WILL get through this. 

     KA Assignments