Welcome to AP Lit and Comp Quarter 2

    Monday October 14, 2019

    1.  FIT "Last Night"

    2.  Warriner's p. 94 exercise 5

    3.  Hamlet:  1.1 War and Ghosts

    4.  Think about Poetry group

    5.  Read Hamlet essay topics, think about a partner and a topic

    HW:  Warriner's p. 94 exercise 5 3,5,6,7,8,10, 12,13,14,16 Write out sentence,

    cross out prepositional phrases, fix verb;  Read Sound and Sense Ch 1; re-read 1.1


    Wednesday October 16, 2019

    1.  FIT "Whipping"/ Grammar:  Warriner's ex 6 odds

    2.  Poetry group sign ups;  Basic notes Ch 1

    3.  View Hamlet 1.1

    4.  Hamlet 1.2 A Dutiful Son:  analysis

    HW:  Read Sound and Sense Ch 2; re-read 1.2; topic sign ups next class 4 people per topic

    Warriner's p 98 ex 6 odds


    Friday October 18, 2019/ Homecoming (College talk)

    1.  Warriner's  Pronoun agreement pp 99-102:  One of the Greatest Issues for Everyone

    2.  Essay topic sign-ups:  only 4 people per topic

    3.  Hamlet 1.2 Dutiful Son

    HW:  re-read 1.1 and 1.2;  Read Chapter 2 Sound and Sense;  Warriner's Review A

    1,3,4,5,8,9,14,15,23,25  if verb change, write out sentence up to the verb and cross out

    prepositional phrases;  if antecedent issue, write out antecedent and proper pronoun


    Tuesday October 22, 2019

    Friday's agenda after ALICE training


    Thursday October 24, 2019

    1.  Warriner's Pronoun Agreement 99-102 1,3,4,5,8,9,14,15,23,25:  test next class

    2.  Poetry:  Ch 2 "Break of Day" John Donne; QLM format

    3.  View Hamlet 1.2

    3.  Hamlet 1.3 Advice

    HW:  Grammar Ch 4 quiz next class;  write QLM intro for "Break"; read Hamlet

    1.3, 1.4, 1.5 Begin Gathering six quotations and think about a topic sentence

    for your Thematic Paragraph quiz


    Monday October 28, 2019

    1.  Grammar:  Turn in All Chapter 6 HW;  take Ch 6 Quiz

    2.  Poetry:  Cha 2 "Storm Warnings"

    3.  Hamlet:  Thematic Essay AND Poster Project / 1.2 Machiavelli v AS Values

    4.  Hamlet:  1.3 Too much advice

    HW:  write QLM intro and first paragraph for "Storm Warnings"; read Hamlet and work on questions for analysis

    garner quotations


    Wednesday October 30, 2019

    1.  Recap Beowulf essay on Exile w/ rubric

    2.  "Storm Warning" QLM and first body paragraph; check

    3.  "Mirror" presentation:  write QLM intro and two body paragraphs

    4.  Hamlet 1.3 Advice finish and view

    HW:  "Mirror" QLM intro and two body paragraphs; figurative language ex 9


    Friday November 1, 2019

    1.  Recap Beowulf Thematic/ Warriner's chapter 31 punctuation ex 1:  rule, phrase, punc, phrase

    2.  Poetry:  Ex 9 review;  Chapter 3 "When"  write QLM for "When" 30 min

    3.  Hamlet:  view 1.3 Advice

    4.  Hamlet 1.4:  Flaw and 1.4 Murder:  Thematic quiz and mock up of Mind/Chart Tuesday

    HW:  Write QLM "When";  Warriner's p 558 1-10;  ex 10;  quiz prep w/ mock up of visual; Read 2.1 and 2.2


    Tuesday Noveember 5, 2019

    1.  Really re-cap Beowulf Thematic

    2.  Review Warriners Ch 31 ex 1 Semi-colons, colons, italicize

    3.  Turn in Old Agendas Mitt/Ghost

    4.  Turn in Sound and Sense Ch 1 annotated poems

    5.  Turn in Sound and Sense Ch 2 annotated poems; Break QLM intro; Storm QLM intro and first body; Mirror QLM intro and 2 body para

    6.  Finish Act 1 and view 1.4 and 1.5

    HW:  Hamlet read Act 2; tunr in all Act 1 analysis, mock of graphic, and write Thematic paragraph next class


    Thursday November 7, 2019

    1.  Vocabulary of Dramatic Analysis #1

    2.  Poetry ex 10 and 11 review:  ex 12 HW

    3.  Poetry "World is too much with us"  Wordsworth

    4.  View Hamlet 1.5;  Thematic paragraph and turn in all Act 1 analysis w/ mock graphic

    5.  Hamlet 2.2 Spies

    6.  Context:  Shakespeare:  History, Man, Theater

    HW:  study vocab for quiz;  complete Act 1 Test 30 min; write QLM Intro for "World", read Hamlet Act 2


    Tuesday November 12, 2019

    1.  Vocabulary of Dramatic Analysis #2

    2.  Review and turn in Literary Devices ex 12 et alia

    3.  Poetry:  "Hymn to God the Father"  annotate, QLM Intro and 1 body paragraph

    4.  Hamlet 2.1 Spies and 2.2 Double trouble

    HW:  study vocab for quiz Thursday;  finish all Sound and Sense for Ch 3 to turn in Thursday; read Hamlet

    Act 2


    Thursday November 14, 2019

    1.  Vocabulary for Drama analysis #1 quiz

    2.  Poetry:  Turn in All Ch 3 annotated poems; Sonnet 139 QLM essay ; World intro, Hymn intro and 1 body

    3.  Hamlet Act 2.2 Double trouble

    HW study vocab #2;  read Act 2;  Read S and S Chapter 4


    Monday November 18, 2019

    1.  Review Vocab for Dramatic Analysis #2 quiz on Wednesday

    2.  Poetry:  Robert Frost "After Apple-Picking"

    3.  Shakespeare:  The Times, the Man, and the Theater

    HW:  study vocab for quiz;  write QLM intro and 1 para "After"


    Wednesday ANovember 20, 2019

    1.  Career Center on Financial Aid

    2.  Poetry:  "Living in Sin" presentation:  write a QLM intro

    3.  Finish Hamlet 2.2 and view:  turn in all Act 2 analyses and quiz

    HW:  read Act 3;  write QLM intro for "Living"  ;  vocab #3 after break

















    Welcome to AP Literature and Composition 2019-2020

    Fall Semester

    July 29, 2019

    1.  Complete "Your Expectations" w/ group sharing and turn in

    2.  Complete "AP Diagnostic exercises"  w/ partner-group and turn in

    HW:  read and annotate syllabus; using vocab words on back page, match the definition to the term


    July 31, 2019

    1.  Welcome;  Book room for Warriner's grammar, Sound and Sense, Mythology

    2.  Review "Your expectations" (Safari folk do as HW)

    3.  Review "The Fish" (Safari folk complete the exercises as HW)

    HW:  Genesis first half use King James Bible only (Shakespeare's English) work with a friend;  Warriner's page

    4 take Diagnostic #1-33;  review Chapter 1 before to jog your memory about the parts of speech


    August 2, 2019

    1.  Syllabus review:  your questions and comments on the scope of the class

    2.  Genesis corrections;  finish for HW

    3.  "The Fish" vocabulary and multiple-choice conversions;

    4.  "Reminiscence" analysis, vocabulary,  MC conversion; 

    5.  " Island" analysis, vocabulary, MC conversion;

    HW:  Write sentences about the three pieces using the terminology from the syllabus where possible;

    finish Genesis; read AP Handouts on specific skills (you will become an expert on them all, eventually)

    look at the MC questions and label them with the skill required, as best as possible


    August 6, 2019

    1.  Warriner's Chapter 2 Subject and Predicate

    2.  Turn in Genesis

    3.  "The Fish"  AP skills for each question;  "Reminiscence"  and "Island"  vocabulary, do one Multiple Choice Conversion for each one

    4.  Personal Statement essays:  read packet;  pick 4 of the topics;  THINK;   look at worksheet exercises for each of your 4 topics;  in-class quickwrite on Thursday

    5.  AP Syllabus lit term quiz Thursday

    6.  Beowulf:  Background packet:  complete Your Anglo Saxon Heritage w/1/2 page of writing

    HW:  Warriner's page 27 #1-20;  page 1 and 2 of Exodus;  read and think about Personal Statement essays; study for terminology quiz; 1/2 page of writing on Anglo-Saxon Heritage


    August 8, 2019

    1.  Warriners Chapter 2:  Direct and indirect objects

    2.  Turn in "Fish" with vocabulary and multiple-choice conversions

    3.  Turn in Syllabus literary terms definitions with sentences from the Three Exercises;  quiz

    4.  UC Personal statement essay video and 15 minute quickwrite on Topic #1

    5.  Who were the Anglo-Saxons?  mini lecture

    HW:  Warriner's pages 31-32 exercise 2 #1-10;  Exodus pages 3 and 4;  type MLA format UC essay #1; read Beowulf skill journal instructions;

    translate evolution of English; read Stoicism


    August12, 2019

    1.  Skip grammar for Health presentation

    2.  Turn in UC essay #1 w/ quickwrite

    3.  Write UC essay #2 quickwrite 1.5 pages in 15 minutes

    4.  Sign up for myAP account ASAP

    5.  Beowulf:  Map,  and lines 1-188

    HW:  Finish Exodus;  begin first two pages of Matthew;  read Beowulf lines 1-924;

    write two paragraphs on Reading #1, #2, #3 (six paragraphs or about 3 pages) determine

    which AP skill fits the passage best and follow the model ( if possible;  we will go over everything

    on Friday after the Water Park trip)  Have fun!


    August 14th, 2019:  Water park trip


    August 16, 2019

    1.  Review grammar Chapter 2 Direct and indirect objects

    2.  Chapter 3 p38 Prepositional phrases Exercise 1

    3.  Finish mini-lecture on Anglo-Saxons

    4.  Beowulf:  skill journals process

    #1 ll1-188 and #2 ll 189-319

    HW:  finish p 38 Prepositional phrases Exercise 1;  write the skill paragraphs

    for Reading #1 and Reading #2


    August 20, 2019

    1.  Grammar Ch 3 review exercise 1;  exercise 2 1-10

    2.  Aesthetic Context:  art and music / Anglo-Saxon values and manuscript

    3.  Beowulf Reading #3 and 4:  Time and Kleos

    HW:  write out sentences for 1-10 and give sub, v, prep ph, and word being modified; complete Skill paragraphs for Reading #3 and #4;

    finish Matthew pages 5,6,7

    August 22, 2019:  SIGN UP FOR MYAP!!!!!

    1.  Correct Warriner's p. 40 parsed sentences

    2.  Turn in Matthew and complete UC #3 quickwrite

    3.  Beowulf:  Joy and Terror:  Reading #4

    HW:  begin Mythology review pages 1 and 2;  type up UC #3 350

    brilliant words;  write Skill Paragraph for Reading #4 being sure

    to follow the model


    August 26, 2019

    1.  Careeer Center presentation

    2.  Finish mini lecture on Aesthetics;  Values and Manuscript

    3.  Turn in UC essay #3

    4.  Turn in Beowulf Skill paragraphs 1,2,3,4

    5.  Beowulf:  Read #5:  Time and Love

    HW:  Write Skill Paragraph #5;  continue to work on Hero Cycle, Poetry, and Stoicism


    August 28, 2019

    1.  Warriner's Chapter 3:  phrases participial, infinitive, and gerund pp 45-50

    2.  Review reading #5 and #6:  Finn and Hnaf:  uncle/nephew relationship the closest;


    HW:  Warriner's Chapter 3 exercise 4:  1-5;  exercise Review A:  a,c,e,g

    Mythology pages 5 and 6;  Read and annotate on your own Reading #7,8,9


    September 4, 2019

    1.  Turn in Warriner's HW for chapters 2 and 3

    2.  Warriner's Chapter 2 and 3 quiz

    3.  Quickwrite:  UC Essay #4 (last one);  type up and polish

    4.  Beowulf:  Reading 8 and 9 and 10:  Pride

    HW:  Finish Skill paragraphs 5,6,7,8 Turn in next class:  read Beowulf 10,11,12 annotate; study lecture notes

      UC Essay #4 350 beautiful words;


    September 6, 2019

    1.  Active and Passive voice;  Warriner's Ch 4

    2.  Background exercises: finish

    3.  Beowulf:  Readings #9 and 10:  Trial of Faity

    HW:  Read Warriner's Chapter 4 do Exercise 4 indicate the independent and the subordinate clauses odds;

    Ex 5 odds only;  finish background exercises;  skill paragraphs #9 and #10


    September 10, 2019

    1.  Warriner's Ch 4 Clauses review/ Active and Passive voice/ Warriner's Ch 6 Agreement

    2.  Finish Beowulf reading #11 and #12:  Skill paragraphs 9,10,11,12 due Wednesday

    3.  Exile

    HW:  Warriner's Ch 6 Agreement exercise 1 write out sentence to the verb, indicate subject and verb;

    study all Lecture notes and complete the Rhetorical Purpose, lecture quiz Wednesday


    September 12, 2019

    1.  Warrnier's Ch 6:  agreement

    2.  Turn in Beowulf skill paragraphs: 9,10,11,12

    3.  Turn in Rhetorical Situation w/ all lecture notes:  AS History, AS values and Manuscript, AS Art, Norse Cosmology

    4.  Beowulf background relay quiz

    HW:  Warriner's Ch 6:  ex 2:  1-10 write out sentence up to verb;  ex 4: 1,2,3,6,9,11,14,16,20

    pick Thematic Analysis key word, write thesis, write step thesis


    September 16, 2019

    1.  Review Warriner's Ch 6 agreement ex 2 and ex 4

    2.  Active voice edit BNW

    3.  Thematic Analysis:  model intro and body paragraph 1

    4.  Write Beowulf:  intro and body paragraph 1

    HW:  write the intro and first body paragraph for your Thematic Analysis


    September 18, 2019

    1.  Active voice:  edit BNW

    2.  Analyze thematic conclusion; works cited page

    3.  Map and Futhark quiz

    4.  Edit group of 3,  have three people edit your intro and first body paragraph

    HW:  write your 2nd and 3rd body paragraphs; write your conclusion:  rough draft due Friday


    September 20, 2019

    1.  Active voice:  edit BNW

    2.  Review background pack:  due Tuesday

    3.  Thesis refinement

    4.  Edit groups of 4:  body #2, body #3, conclusiion and WC page

    HW:  background packet due Tuesday;  final Beowulf Thematic due Tuesday; read

    College Board Scoring Guidelines


    September 24, 2019

    1.  Turn in annotated Beowulf; review and turn in myth; turn in background packet w/skill paragraph check list

    turn in Beowulf essay w/ final, edited rough, and grading rubric

    2.  AP Open-ended essay:  prompt analysis, form review, GO!

    3.  Pick up Hamlet scripts:  my gift to you

    HW:  bring Sound and Sense Thursday;  over break, read Hamlet and annotate one thing you understand

    per page


    September 26, 2019

    1.  How to analyze short poems:  FIT / Group sign ups upon return

    2.  Chapter 1 Sound and Sense:  model:  Sonnet 18 Shakespeare

    3.  " The Last Night that She Lived" Dickinson

    4.  Your group:  "The Whipping"  Hayden

    HW:  FASA;  College Applications!!!  Scholarship applications!!  Last college visits!!!!