• On-line Book available. 
    You now have access to the on-line book.
    1.Go to https;//clever.com/in/luhsd. You will need your student ID number (the one that starts with 6) as it is the username and password.
    2.Then click the "Big Ideas" icon.  It will take you directly to the book.
    3.The "Student Dynamic ebook" is what you want.  (feel free to play with the other tabs too)
    4.Open the book by selecting it. 
    5.The contents is your table of contents.  (I do recommend bookmarking where you leave off)
       In each lesson you will see Blue arrows. next to the examples.  If you click it, it will start a video with a teacher speaking about that topic.
        (you do have to be in "select--arrow" mode instead of "move--multiple arrow" mode.That is located at the bottom right of the screen.)
    So now, you have another resource at your finger tips.  Its almost like a tutor!