•  Quarter 4 Assignments are on Khan Academy .... unless less indicated EAK7JVCV  (paper review packets for those with no internet access)
    April 7-13
    April 14-20
    April 21-27
    April28 - May4
    May 5-11
    May 12-18
    May 19-25
    May26 - June1
    As the year goes on, there will be notes I will give, and they will be located below.
    So if your student was absent (or lost it) you are free to print off a copy.
    notes are take out of the WorkBook (aka student journal).  Students who forget their WB will be asked to write down notes on a sheet of paper.  They can either transfer it then to the WB or just staple it in.
    The vocabulary for the day is given in card form.  Please come in and take a picture of it from me, or from a friend.  
    Points are given for each complete (correct) card at the end of the chapter. 
    Quarter 1