• English 1
    2016-2017 Course Overview

    Mrs. Ferreira


    925-625-5900 ext. 3851


    Course Description:

    Welcome to our English class! Everyday we will work together to make you a better reader, writer, and thinker. As a student in this class, you are expected to participate in our learning activities everyday so that you can achieve your own personal learning goals, as well as master the ELA Common Core State Standards.


    As a class, we will work together to become more effective writers and skillful readers, and to build a community in which all students are comfortable expressing thoughts, asking questions, and voicing opinions. 



    SpringBoard English 9 curriculum. The SpringBoard curriculum will be accompanied by many supplementary nonfiction texts, short stories, poems, films, grammar assignments, and writing assignments.  


    “Falcon Five” Expectations:

    • BE PREPARED: Come to class prepared (binder, writing utensils, and assigned books and homework).  

    • BE POSITIVE: Participate with a positive attitude during classroom discussions and collaborate when working in groups.

    • BE RESPECTFUL: Exhibit kindness and respect to your classmates and teacher at all times. No put-downs allowed.

    • BE ACCOUNTABLE: Come to class on time and complete all assignments on time.  This includes all reading, writing, research, and in-class assignments.

    • BE A FALCON: Falcons make a difference when they are prepared, positive, respectful, and accountable.



    If you are absent, you are responsible for the work that you missed while absent.  Work is due two days after you return to class. Please take responsibility for finding out what work you missed from either a classmate, Mrs. Ferreira, or Mrs. Ferreira’s website (http://libertyunion.schoolwires.net/Domain/1503). If you miss a test or quiz, you must make up work within one week of your return.




    You are expected to complete all homework assignments.  The assignments will be either used as part of class or turned in for a grade.  Late homework will receive partial credit, which will result in a lower homework grade. 



    All Freedom HS policies for academic integrity and plagiarism apply in this English classroom. “Manage your reputation carefully.”



    No need for any cell phones or electronics in this class. Keep them silent and keep them stowed. If you cannot do that on your own, I will gladly help.



    Please use a 3-ring binder for this course; divided into 2 sections (1st section is for class notes and the 2nd section is for handouts and returned assignments). Please have plenty of college ruled lined paper in the 1st section of your binder.



    70% of your term grade will be based on the following Standards Mastery:

    Announced quizzes, major tests, extended writing assignments or projects, and shorter writing assignments or projects.


    30% of your grade will be based on the following Performance:  

    Unannounced quizzes, class work, homework assignments, and group work.


    Extra credit opportunities may be offered each term.