• This is the last Distance Learning Assignment. WHAT???!!!
    Week 8 will be an extra credit assignment which includes watching 'Forrest Gump.'   How fun is that! Woop!  Woop!
    There will be NO Final... as per District instructions!! That's another Woop! Woop! SO these next two weeks will be for you to solely work on improving your grade, if necessary.
    REMEMBER -  You all are doing so good. I'm very proud.
    ***Be VERY patient with me with your grades.  I'm keeping up as best I can and it can be challenging just as I know you are facing many challenges yourself. 
    ***For FINALS I'm thinking I may have a ZOOM time for each class on the day you would have had your final in our class... so stay tuned for that information. Keep safe. Beaver 
    REMEMBER TO --                Down arrow        arrow down 2
    1.PLEASE put your [NAME, PERIOD and WEEK NUMBER] -
                    In these THREE places  1. Email subject
                                                             2. Document TITLE
                                                    and   3. The ACTUAL assignment (especially if you are taking a picture of your assignment)
    2. To enter TCI online -you need to go to CLEVER.COM and find the TCI Icon and login through there.
    3. If possible, use GOOGLE DOCs to save your assignments before sending them.
                                                        Assignment Tracker - if you wish to use.
    Patriot Earth                                                   
    MRS. BEAVER       
     Room D-4                                     
    PADA Academy 
    Social Studies teacher
       US History
       PADA US History         
    US History State Standards and Essential Questions                             
    Email =  beaverm@luhsd.net