Name:  Karyn Watanabe
    Classroom Number: T-9
    Email Address: watanabe@luhsd.net
    Subject(s): English 10, English 12
    Wecome to Distance Learning!  I hope you are all doing well and that your families are healthy.  This situation is obviously very unusual and at this point we all have many questions to which we might not have answers.  Things are changing every day.  Messages are contradictory.  We are frustrated, scared, and bored.  In order to make Distance Learning as stressfree as possible for you, we have been working very hard in subject matter groups to try to provide you meaningful lessons that address our basic standards.  As you students know, the tech learning curve for me is very steep-but I'm getting there!  You will have the same access to materials as your friends who have the same class with different teachers-though we may have slightly different requirements depending upon our focus.
    Assignments will be listed on the "Assignments" tab and I will try my very best to attach them!  When assignments require writing a paragraph or more, please submit to Turnitin. (I'll try to indicate that on the assignment). If it is a worksheet, you may either answer ON the worksheet and send via e-mail, or just type up the answers w/o the worksheet but clearly label the assignment AND PERIOD please!