LionName: Amy Marquardt
    Classroom: S-11
    Subject(s):  Geometry
                       Geometry Support
                       AP Calculus BC
    Welcome Students and Parents!!!

    I hope you all had a safe Spring Break.  I am sure some of you wish you could come back to school.  
    During the Distance Learning period, I rely heavily on emails and Remind.  It is the fastest way to get a hold of me, and easier for you (or me) to leave direct messages during the busy days. 

    All Distance Learning assignments are posted in your subject.  Weekly assignments will replace our monthly calendar.  I will indicate them as quickly as I can.  Posted in Calendar and Notes.

    A Reminder text group is set up for special notices.  Short messages to remind you to turn in assignments.  Everyone in the family is welcome to sign up for the messages.

    The number is the same #81010 or #925.203.9050 for all classes.
    Use the code associated with the period you want. (don’t forget to include the @ sign)







    Weekly Homework will be 100% part of the distance learning. 
    Each week will start on Tuesday.
    Those not able to access on-line will be provided with printout copies.
    Assignments should be done by the following Monday  (parents will be emailed.)
    Office hours daily TBD...I will announce as soon as I figure it out. 
    This is a new for everyone, and we will conquer it.
    Do your best, and please email me ASAP so I can help.