Mrs. Karen Jewell



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Karen Jewell

A little bit about me: 

You will find me camping or traveling in my free time. Beautiful lakes, new cities, and big skies are my favorites! 

I have taught for twenty years in Southern California, Alaska, and now Northern California. Interestly enough, I find that life inside an English classroom looks very similar no matter where I teach.  My focuses have stayed consistent. I believe it is important to teach students: how to deal with life, how to write more proficiently, and how to focus on improvement.  

I was born and raised in Escondido, CA.  I graduated from Cal Poly SLO in 1996 (finishing my credential in 1998).   My first teaching job was in Moorpark, CA; then, I moved to Mt. Carmel High School (San Diego, CA) where I taught for the next 12 years.  True love came knocking on my door in the form of a U. S. Coast Guard gentleman.  We married and moved to Ketchikan, AK.  We now live in Brentwood, CA (Northern California). We have family who live coast-to-coast: Massachusetts, South Dakota, San Diego, Minnesota, Hawaii, and Colorado. And, thanks to the military, we have friends who live everywhere in between.  Hence, the love of traveling! 

This is my life, in short. 

I look forward to working with you. 

Mrs. Jewell